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Photo editing

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Respecting Intelectual property


Listen to the following videos explaining the concept of Creative Commons


Online photosharing in plain English







Where can I look for creative commons pictures¿




What is Flickr?


Flickr is basically a storage area for images (and now short videos!). It is owned by Yahoo and is free if you don't want to create more than three sets of photos (where you can organise your photos into groups like folders). If you want to create more than three sets, you will need to upgrade to a Pro account which is very reasonably priced and means that you can create unlimited sets. You can get a tour of the features of Flickr from the website.



 Drag speech bubbles onto the photo and add text. Students have to describe their favourite footall player.


Create a magazine cover 

Imagine that the World cup has just finished. Create a magazine cover informing who won the world cup.


Create your World cup billboard



Choose from tons of unique frames to spice up your photos. Remember, if you frame it, it's art.


Create a map with the countries that are participating in the World cup


Add special effects to the picture of your favourite football player


Turn words into pictures







Now it´s time to have fun creating your own images.



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Augusto Rosello



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